C O N F E S S I O N S   F R O M   T H E   S T I L L

Confessions From the Still is a series of images taken throughout Southeast Asia.


The modern soul of these countries lies along their riverbanks, on the surface of their lakes and hidden quietly in their city waterways meandering throughout.


It is the tumultuous and terrifying past that speaks quietly from the depths. The souls of those lost to the Cambodian genocide, the dictatorship in Myanmar and the ghosts of the Vietnam War rest hauntingly in the currents below.


From the Mekong Delta to the Chao Phraya to the Irrawaddy Delta, the aesthetic perfection of the elements floating on the water's surface tries to mask the secrets lying below... to silence the confessions from the still.




- Shortlisted for the 2013 Dubai International Emerging artist Award


- Winner 2012 - 2013 Prix de la Decouverte - Paris, France - (published in 2013 PX3 book)


- Finalist 2013 Aesthetica top 100 Contemporary Artists

- York, UK - (published in 100 Contemporary Artists Special Edition)


- Winner at 2012 International Photography Awards -  Los Angeles, USA - (published in IPA Annual)


- Winner at The Museum of American Art's 'Bigg Shots' - Delaware, USA


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'Confessions from the still' - Book - PDF

H O M E          N E W S          C V / B I O          G A L L E R I E S          T E X T S          C O N T A C T