C R A S H - E D

For CRASH-ED I was concerned by the economical crash Iceland had suffered resulting in the country's migraton since 1887.


I found the fact that locals were deliberately crashing their cars in order to pocket the insurance money simply devastating. Throughout the island you can find metal scrap yards, and in them, the ghost's of an Iceland that once was.





-Finalist at the 2011 Renaissance Photography Prize - London, UK (published in the exhibition catalogue)


-Winner of 5 2011 PX3 Prix de la Photographie awards - Paris, France (published in the 2011 PX3 Book)


-Shortlisted for the LICC London Creative awards - London, UK - (published in the LICC Book)


-Published in Room Uncovered Magazine


-Published in Zoom 96 Magazine



C R A S H - E D  :  E V E R Y B O D Y ' S   G O N E

H O M E          N E W S          C V / B I O          G A L L E R I E S          T E X T S          C O N T A C T    

In the wake of the Icelanders leaving their country in the hope of finding possibilities elsewhere, a natural corrosion is occuring and not only in the country's perfect landscape, but also within the deepest fibres of its existence. CRASH-ED; EVERYONE IS GONE speaks of the abandonment and decay left behind.




- Winner of Jury's selection and Director's Honorable Mention at the 'Blue' exhibition at The Center for Fine Art Photography - Ft. Collins, USA


- Finalist at Kellicutt International Juried Photoo Exhibition