DIRT & DIRT: MOMMIE DEAREST; They are the plea, the cry of a youth forgotten by the adults who had promised to protect them: Their governments, their parents, society at large.


The children have many things in common, the most evident is their desire to be understood.


Lost to a world of drugs, prostitution, abuse and abandonment, these fallen angels from the world's streets beg for nothing more than attention.




- Selected for the Hot Art Fair - Basel, Switzerland (published in the fair catalogue)


- 'Hear Me' used as cover for Elio Corian's book of poetry 'Il Lamento dell'insonne' - Lupo Editore - Italy


- Winner at 2010 International Photography Awards - Los Angeles, USA



























Elio Coriano's book 'Il Lamento Dell'Insonne' published by Lupo Editore with the cover image:

'Hear Me'

H O M E          N E W S          C V / B I O          G A L L E R I E S          T E X T S          C O N T A C T    

D I R T - R I V E R   R A T S

DIRT - RIVER RATS is an ongoing research project done all over the world. They are portraits of the youth in starving, marginalized/marginated riverside communities.


They have no past, no present and barely any possibilities of a future, and yet they play, they smile, they laugh. They are the forgotten and unfortunately their numbers are growing by the day.




- Finalist at the Human + Being exhibition - The Center for Fine Art Photography - Ft. Collins, USA


- Winner - Museum of American art 'Bigg Shots' - Delaware, USA


D I R T  -  N O W   C A N   I   P L A Y   W I T H   Y O U ?

D I R T - M O M M I E  D E A R E S T

Taking the series one step further, I created DIRT - NOW CAN I PLAY WITH YOU? I place in direct confrontation the original image of one of these perfect 'river rats' with the image of that same child adorned by the accesories which creates the 'perfection' our societies establish. The juxtuposition between the already perfect and the stereotypical concept of perfection.




-Now Can I Play With You? selected for the 54th Venice Biennale - and then censored.

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