One and One Portraits is a project I worked on for several years which involved the creation a series of large format digital panles taken all over the world in countries including Morocco, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, South Africa, Switzerland and Australia.


They are moments, brief glimpses into the solitary journey of the human soul and our relationship with the world surrounding us. Each photo tells one particular story, but as a group they give us a more conceptual idea of the world, of its inhabitants, its realities and of the injustices committed by each and every one of us.


Some are presented with a certain with a certain toungue-in-cheek, while others are far more blunt and precise. They are all multi-panelled 'Horizontal Conversations'  as I like to call them... all taken from one shot. They are not broken-up panoramic shots.




- Commended Winner at the Freedom to Create Prize - Singapore, Singapore.


- Shown as part of the Freedom to create exhibition at The Victoria and Albert Museum - London, UK - (published in the exhibition catalogue)


- Finalist at the International Celeste Prize - Berlin, Germany - (published in exhibition catalogue)



- Winner at 2010 Top 40 Digital Artists Awards - Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - Los Angeles, USA


- Winner of the 2010 Chelsea Fine Art Competiton - New York City, USA - (published in exhibition catalogue)



H O M E          N E W S          C V / B I O          G A L L E R I E S          T E X T S          C O N T A C T    

O N E - Installation Shots New York, Berlin & Basel

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