T H E   L O N G   W A L K   H O M E

The Long Walk Home stems from the internatonal refugee crisis and the general need of refugees, and all human beings for that matter, to find their place in this world. They are on a constant search for acceptance, a usually hindred march towards hostile territory and a slow walk in directions unknown.


Their walk is eternal and uncertain.


We all walk through life desiring the embrace of somewhere or somone to call home.




- Selected for the 54th Venice Biennale - Venice Italy (published in the official Biennale book and catalogue)


- Winner at the 2011 Photography Open Salon competition exhibited at Galerie Huit during the Arles International Photography Festival - Arles, France (published in the exhibition book: Transience)



T H E   L O N G   W A L K   H O M E - Installation shots - photos by Francesco Mion

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'The Long Walk Home' catalogue for Nuova Galleria Morone - Milan, Italy - PDF

H O M E          N E W S          C V / B I O          G A L L E R I E S          T E X T S          C O N T A C T    



Published in: ILLUMInations: 54th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale Di Venezia – August 16, 2011 - by Bice Curiger (Editor)


T H E   L O N G   W A L K   H O M E  -  T H E   S I L E N T   M A R C H

Inside the world of child sex trafficking each year, by some estimates, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys are bought, sold or kidnapped and then forced to have sex with grown men. A fact. Northern Asia (China) and Latin-America are unfortunately two of the regions most affected by this tragedy.


THE SILENT MARCH, part of the series THE LONG WALK HOME, is a series of 100 square digital prints mounted directly onto white aluminium, all taken throughout public plazas in China, Mongolia and Mexico.


Individually they stand out as abstract images of faded bodies, silhouettes coming and going, but when placed together as a jigsaw puzzle, the greater imager is that of a world of light and shadows in which the spectators lose themselves to bleeding stains representing the lives lost and the children, men and women missing to the world of human trafficking and the international sex trade.





- Selected as 'guest artist' project for the Hot Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland - (published in the Fair Catalogue and in the exhibition catalogue)


- Series finalist at the Photography Open Salon during the Rencontres des Arles in Arles, France.


- Published in the book 'Transience'