Veritas Feminae is a series of photography-based, multimedia portraits of marginalized women. They are moments, instances, breaths. The truth the women share, their 'Veritas' is a whisper in my ear, a tug at my subconscious, the trace of an invisible caress... It is the love affair between the observer and the observed.


In presenting each of these portraits, I have consciously chosen, as with all of my work, to approach them not simply as literal reprodutions of the subjects themselves but as my personal interpretations of the subject.


The real women in the portraits I have met in passing... with only one I have an ongoing relationship. With some I spoke while others will remain deeply rooted in eternal silence They are the isolated, the ridiculed and the abused. The misunderstood and the challenging... the strong and the warriors... the provocative and revolutionary... some by birth, others by fortune... some even by choice.


Using liberal comparisons with important historical, mythological, even political female figures, I've taken the imagery one step futher by playing with parallels, giving each woman a stage (and the backstory of a historically famous woman) upon which their confessions may take flight. I was not interested in icons, but in pairing the real, marginalized women in the photos with truly extraordinary women from history who in my opinion had honest and profound tales to tell.  


The portrait of Nancy Spungen - 'There is a place where the pavement ends and the street begins' was created as a collaboration with Scottish sculptor Lyndsey Wardrop.


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-Published in the book 'Veritas Feminae' - Edizioni NeuDesign - ISBN: 978-0-578-12860-3


-Finalist of the Aesthetica Award - York St. Mary's,  UK. Published in Aesthetica's Special Edition 'Top 100 Contemporary Artists 2014' Magazine - April 2014


-Selected in competition at 'Now & After '14' Festival - The State Museum of Gulag - Moscow, Russia


-Highly Commended Winner - The London Photographic Association's Portraiture Award 2014 - London, UK


V E R I T A S   F E M I N A E

Book cover and back cover - alec Von bargen Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.26.09 AM

'Veritas Feminae' book for OCAT Contemporary Art Terminal Museum - Shanghai, China - PDF

'Veritas Feminae' catalogue for Ex-Filanda Meroni Museum - Soncino, Italy - PDF

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